Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First Scenario:

My opinion for the Mini Cooper and SUV is to hit the SUV. I think hitting the SUV will cause less damage and will not hurt anyone in the car. While hitting the Mini Cooper the person in the car will get hurt or die since the car is small. The ethical perspective that fits this scenario is Principles and Outcomes. Principles because of the minimizing harm to the person. Outcomes fits because there are more benefits in hitting the SUV then hitting the Mini Cooper.

Second Scenario:

My opinion for the Motorcyclist with the helmet and without helmet is to hit the one with the helmet. I chose this because it wouldn't hurt the person with the helmet as much as it would to the one without the helmet. Helmet guy has head protection and the one without it is putting himself at risk. The ethical perspective that fits this scenario is Principles because it minimizes harm. The other motorcyclist without the helmet would benefit since he wouldn't get hurt which means doesn't have to pay medical bills, but will get a ticket for not wearing a helmet which saves the money for the ticket.

I don't think it is a great idea to have a random number generator to make your decisions. What if it hits the mini cooper instead of the SUV which will cause it to kill the people in the mini cooper. If it was generated beforehand then it would hit the SUV which will not cause much damage nor will it kill the passengers. You should be able to make the choices of decisions that you may need while driving in a list beforehand, so the generator doesn't choose the wrong decision causing major problems. According to principles this idea would help minimize harm and can also be of benefit when driving.

I don't think the driver should be held responsible for any outcomes. This is because the car itself is making the decision on what to do not the driver. Also the driver is not controlling the car either like steering the car with the steering wheel. His idea also might have been different then what the cars decision was. He also didn't tell the car to go from that certain way to wherever he/she was going. This is why the driver shouldn't be held responsible.

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