Saturday, March 29, 2014


Rutvik Shah

Cyber Security is my second passion project as part of ROGATE 8. My biggest obstacle was narrowing down on my research topic of Cyber Security. On my first passion project, my USB key broke and I had to start all over again. I am glad I was able to complete my first passion project on time.

My biggest achievement for second passion project is exploring my topic for the past five Fridays and with a lot of development on information to share. However now I am very eager to make everyone aware of the cyber security. Every other slide in my power point consists of a question for the class to open up intellectual awareness. There is so much information about cyber security that it’s impossible to fit all that into the number of slides without boring anyone. My parents are also a big help in clarifying and educating me about cyber security. I cannot wait to present my project and expand your knowledge along with me. I hope everyone enjoys the cyber security presentation as much as I did!

I still need to continue working on my questions, power point and my presentation notes. 

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