Thursday, November 14, 2013

My Passion Project Progress Report

My Passion Project started off at a slow pace. More I found out that we didn't have much time I started  working more faster in class. And that was not all I did because I also worked on the project at home. I wanted to get everything ready quickly, but the obstacle i fell into was writing. I always struggle in writing, but not as much as when I was little. What I thought of doing was paraphrasing the authors work to put in my project to make my life of writing much easier. I knew a little bit about certain frogs, so it became easy to add details to the project. Many ups and downs came in my way, but didn't stop me from finishing my project.

What i plan on doing further...

What i plan on doing further in the project is to gather all the information and type it to the project after,so all i have left is to stick the project to my project boards. I plan on finishing the project in the next 3-4 weeks, so i don't have to wait till the last min to finishing anything. I hope i finish the project in my time limit and get it out of my way, so i don't worry about it.

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